Little Aga

A small rabbit with a beautiful dress looks as if it came right out of a fairytale. The one Aga is telling. About a small charming princess who loves to dress up and to dance in the forest filling it with happiness and laughter, enjoying her new clothing from Aga.

Looking for a dress for her 4 year old daughter, Rivka asked her, what kind of dress she would like to have. The answer was "a silver dress with silver shoes". A princess! A silvery velvet fabric, smooth like a rabbit's fur, was found, small Dr. Martens shoes in silver turned up, and there it was - a new line of children's wear was born.

Little Aga is a high-end line of children's clothing of UR design. Strives for meticulous perfection, and utmost comfort. Each piece of clothing is constructed with the highest respect and care for quality and detail.